No, not you can feel comfortable and more confident if you practiced free unlimited mock tests from Driver Knowledge test […]

Since we have many states & territories, Australia separated, providing services to the respective driver’s center.

After finishing mock practice tests from the driver knowledge test, attend for the final exam consist of Test 1, Test […]

Yes, before six months you will receive an email notification stating that driver license is going to expire soon to […]

Got license in Australia! The life span of your driver’s license is ten years from the day you qualify, again […]

Since we have several states/territories in Australia, the services segregated to eight different departments & centers. Reach out your nearest […]

The driver knowledge test is now out in providing the services ultimately. Delivering all services for free, get benefit by […]

You will present with 45 questions should score 40 out of total; remember there is no time limit in completing […]

The Australia country enlarged its procedure to conduct within the states/Territories and issuing the license to the qualified candidates who […]

You are allowed to apply for the driving test once you cross 16 years of age through online or respective […]