The driver knowledge test in Australia is the first step in getting a driving license. Before getting a driving license, you must pass the
Driver’s knowledge test. The DKT exam is a computer-based test you need to pass and get your class C learner license in Australia. This test is available in English, Chinese, Croatian, Greek, Arabic, Korean, Serbian, Spanish, Turkish, and Vietnamese. Before attempting your Driver Knowledge Test, you must and should know about the Australian country road rules and laws because now a day's, most people will fail their Driver’s test on their first attempt, when the reason as they weren’t fully prepared. In the driving knowledge test, the failure result is more than the passing result. Driver Knowledge Test is an online platform that helps Australians practice for their Driver's test. We want to ensure you get the knowledge you need to take on the road. Use our practice test online to prepare well about the road laws and pass your knowledge test in the first sitting. This service the practice tests designed to make it easier for you to pass your Australia driver’s license test because knowledge is power, and practice makes giving easy on the first attempt.

The only option is to pass your DKT to get complete practice questions related to road safety, road laws and rules for the reference of handbooks for each Australian state. To take the practice test online anywhere or anytime. This practice section is complete on a computer, mobile or tablet. The practice learner knowledge test is similar to the official test, and you take it many times practices until to prepare for your actual test.

This practice Driver Knowledge Test is designed to imitate the theory part of the official driving tests. In the practice section, you will get 45 multiple-choice questions in two: The first section will include general knowledge questions, and the second will have road safety questions. In the practice section, the questions are the road rules and traffic rules questions based on information from the most recent Australian Handbook. You will get instant feedback after every question, so you will immediately know whether your answer is correct or incorrect. You will also see an explanation for the wrong answer as a direct reference to the relevant chapter in the manual.

Once utilise this practice test to get complete knowledge about the driving knowledge test. By repeatedly testing yourself, you grow accustomed to quirks in the design of the test. Practice tests can give you the confidence you need to be as stress-free as possible on the day of the test. By doing the practice test, you understand the content covered in the official DKT, which significantly increases your chances of success.

Taking an online theoretical test beforehand can effectively improve the passing chances of your official test. Practice shows that you will increase your chances by 75%. It is much better to go into the DKT test with the preparation and confidence that only a way as practice theory test can bring. As there is a cost for taking the official test every time it takes, it is worth spending the free money needed to purchase a practice driver’s knowledge test.

Take many practice tests until you are ready for your Driver’s knowledge test. To improve your knowledge and to get completed knowledge about the driving process. This knowledge is not only helpful for the official test and valuable for you to enter the life-driving process.