Questions that you will face during the driver’s knowledge test

Questions that you will face during the driver’s knowledge test

The driver’s knowledge test is the main stage in the getting licensing process, and you need to remember what should I need to take the documents for the test. And you must be confident while taking the test.

Which test do I need to pass to get my license?
 You need to take a hazard perception test, and you need to watch videos showing real driving situations and also need to give respond to possible threats. For taking the test, you will be aged at least 17 years.
 There is an eyesight check.
 A practical drive test takes 30 minutes; for this test, you will be aged at least 18 years.

The practical test assessments which you can:
 Co-operate with other road users.
 Obey the road rules
 Drive safely
 Control the smoothly.

What can I need to bring to my test?
 You need to have a Victorian learner permit card.
 Appointment number and appointment receipt.
 If you are the age under 21 years old, you must bring a learner log book to prove that you have completed a minimum of 120 hours. The learner logbook must be filled in correctly.
 You will not have an Australian learner permit with a photo; complete evidence of identity is required.
 You need to check once which documents they require.
 You can make payment for your license with Mastercard, visa, or cheque.

Which vehicle can I use for a practical drive test?
 You need to take the test in a car, and you or your driving instructor will provide it.
 It can be registered and roadworthy, and clean.
 It has both driver and passenger side mirrors.
 It has a window screen demister and the rear demister’s functioning.
 It has a seat belt for all residents.
 It has been able to maintain a comfortable temperature.
 The car with be L plates.
 Speed warning devices, cruise, and navigate during the test must be turned off.

Who will be allowed in the car during my driving test?
A VicRoads license testing officer will take the test. Sometimes officers may be in the car to receive training or monitor the testing.
A certified driving instructor (with a Driver Instructor Authority number) might also additionally take a seat down withinside the front passenger seat at some stage in your test, furnished the automobile has dual controls; however, they’re now no longer allowed to communicate with you or in any manner have an impact on your using at some stage in the test.

What will happen during the driving test?
You will have the test; it takes nearly 30 minutes.
 It involves five to ten minutes of driving with less challenging situations to test your basic driving skills.
 And another test takes 20 minutes in the broader traffic situation to check your driving skills more thoroughly in normal daily driving tasks.

What is the pre-drive check?
 Turn indicators
 Brake lights
 Horn
 Headlights
 Window screen
 Hazard lights.
 You need to be able to identify the hand brake or park brake.

During the driving test, what do I not need to operate?
 Window screen demister.
 Rear window demister.

What should I remember during the test?
While the test is going on, when your brake lights or any of these controls don’t work correctly, the test may not continue. You need to remember during the test your vehicle can require headlights on low beams.

How will your driving be tested in during the driving test?
With some challenges, you will be asked to turn left and right at intersections and reverse parking like that.
 Observation:
If you are safe, drivers know other road users and road conditions while driving.
 Signal use:
You must follow the signals while driving, turning and diverging or changing lanes; for at least five seconds, you must use the signal.
 Gap selection:
When in the traffic flow, safe drivers carefully observe traffic and choose the safe gap for avoiding crashes; you will be more careful in the traffic from an intersection, when merging or when starting.
 Speed choice:
Speed choice is the main issue for safe driving, you need to check the speed limit by 5km/h, and you can decrease your crash risk.