WA Driving Test Practice

Are you feeling excited to drive on the sloppy roads and waiting to create your adventures out from each drive? Yes, you are allowed to do all those without any restrictions, but you need to pass in the Driver Knowledge Test in WA.

Thinking about the process to follow? Do not worry about anything regarding the procedure because we have made everything simple to feel curious from the initial to the final point.

What are the Guidelines to follow to clear driving knowledge test?

What all you need to do is follow the flow and enjoy the success at the end and post back your review, on how much our work shaped short by the step-by-step procedure we maintain in the entire process.

You can expect to learn thoroughly we provide the information like a pin to pin process, click to the category you wish to know the details. Suppose you choose a car then you can observe tips, Rules, Safety precautions, how to handle Hazards as a driver, traffic rules and road signs.

Remember, based on your choice, the free mock Test will follow, since you choose the car, the questions will appear based on that category throughout your Test.

Do not panic when you are going wrong; we are not machines to do correct right? Always build a mindset of learning something whenever you went wrong and never repeat the same mistake.

Apply for the Learner license test by visiting the WA license office, take training classes since you are practising the rules, you must put those into practice to see the result.

So, balance both training and practising in equal hands. I can assure you if you practice more because we were providing with the facility of unlimited attempts to exercise.

Test procedure to receive Learners License

Our intension is to give you complete license information: Guidelines to follow, application procedure, unlimited free mock tests, step by step test process and frequently asked questions all these to make you receive a license without wasting your valuable time and money.

According to your category selection, you been provided with several mock Test click on free Test and practice daily, practice more because they help you out during provisional test 1 and temporary license test 2. As mentioned, there are two learners’ tests to collect your license card the Driver Knowledge Test and Hazard Perception test.

Driver Knowledge test overview in West Australia

The pattern of this exam is to choose the appropriate answer form the given options; you will present with four different answers but with a slight difference. You no need to feel panic if you practice free Test because we maintain the syllabus up to date.

You are supposed to answer at least 41 questions out of 45, take your time to think and mark the right option because nowhere mentioned about the time by the WA transport department.

Allowed to continue with the Hazard Perception test if qualify from in provisional test 1.

Hazard Perception Test

It is nothing testing you whether you can find out the critical situation while you drive; the reason behind the Test is to make you learn how to stay alert and conscious when you move.

This Test will conduct on screening, before start your Test; you can go for a sample test and take the help of the counsellor if you stick anywhere. You should answer at least 19 hazards out of 20.

Many of them lose their chance here so careful when you attend for the Test. If you passed in this step finally, you are eligible to go for Driver Qualifying Test.

Driver Qualifying Test

No need to worry since this is an oral test, reply to the asked questions accordingly. Here you will sanction with the pass certificate in the driving license.

It will take 14 days to reach your mentioned address by post; the transport department work under background verification regarding your certificates, address and health issues.

If everything set proper and accurate, then you will receive the license card through the post.

Frequently Asked Questions to apply Learner License Test

Is there any particular office or portal to apply for a Driver Knowledge test in WA?

Undoubtedly yes, if you wanted to apply in Western Australia the visit DVS (Diver Vehicle Service) at the respective regional centre or consulting office. Go to the office to collect the application form. Or you can also visit the official website of the DVS learner license test and enrol by submitting your details.

At what age, I need to apply for the Driver’s Knowledge Test?

According to the Transport department in West Australia, unless you reach 16 years old, you are not permitted to drive heavy vehicles. Once if you cross 16 years, then you are allowed to apply for the license test.

What is the best way to increase Driver knowledge Test Score?

I suggest you visit the Learner License test and practice mock Test daily as it present with several practical solutions based on the 2020 DVS updates because it is free to learn and exercise with several ample tests.

Is there any Easiest process to apply for Learners License test in West Australia?

There is a slight difference in applying; it varies with the category you choose:

  • o The citizenship proof is the primary document to apply for the driver knowledge test, submit your birth certificate if you are from Australia or New Zealand or else give your immigration proof to collect your date of birth information.
  • Present address of residence in WA.
  • Attach two-colour half photos to the application form.
  • The medical report is necessary to add with the application.
  • Submit any payment bills form your dwelling address like water bill or electricity bill as proof to the department.
  • Remember Passports are not allowed to submit as a proof to the learner’s license test.
  • If you are applying as a student, then collect the information letter from well-recognized University. (or)
  • Applying for the license card by holding an employment post then submit the organization details to not your daily travelling destination details.

How long does it take time to receive the Driving license card after completing the Driver Knowledge Test?

Once you finished your Test and passed then within two weeks or 15 days, you will receive it by post to the given address. However, you can start driving after you die, but it’s secure to have license card with you. Never forget to carry your license along with you in every drive, because they’re available with many slots in between to check your request and citizenship card.

Is it necessary to take medical proof to get a learners license test?

Yes, it is because the transport department doesn’t want to allow unworthy drivers on roads and cause the reason for many lives. Not at all matter from outside to give permission, you should stay perfect from inside.

What are the best essential topics to look after to attend learners License test?

Below are some listed points where you should concentrate well before attending the exam:

  • Basic Knowledge
  • Road Safety Rules
  • Alcohols and Drugs
  • Fatigue & Defensive Driving
  • Intersections
  • Lanes
  • Pedestrians
  • Seat belts
  • Speed limits
  • Traffic signs/ lights.

Are there are any changes to receive a license by attending only one Test, either practical or theoretical?

No, you must and should attend both the Tests; you will receive a license if you pass in both the Test. Until and unless you clear two tests, you are not allowed to drive in WA.

The mentioned points are from maximum asked questions by the learners. I suggest you go through the information because the Driver Knowledge test framed out for you to know the worthy material information.

I have an International License; Still, I need to apply for the driving Knowledge Test?

Not necessary to apply again for a license if you hold it with all genuine requirements based on universe standards. But should aware that each country varies with their traffic rules and vehicle driving pattern, you need to visit some tips to drive, Road Signs and Rules.
Build yourself with confidence by attending a free mock Test provided by the Driver Knowledge Test.