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Are you getting ready to take the Learners test WA? We are here to guide you through the licensing process and prepare you for the Western Australia driver’s knowledge test (DKT). With our advanced preparation techniques and practical mock tests, you can pass the official learner’s permit test effortlessly.

Grow familiar with the test questions and learn how to answer them correctly with WA driving test practice. Our mock tests will enable you to boost your self-confidence and get you ready to tackle the test questions.

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Prepare Efficiently

Passing the WA driver’s knowledge test (DKT) is mandatory to obtain a learner’s licence in Western Australia. If you want to succeed in the test on your first attempt, then it is better to appear most prepared. Our practice tests are made to help you out with this.

Questions Related to Safe Driving

All our WA driving test practice modules consist of 45 multiple-choice questions based on the driver’s handbook with topics related to driving and safety rules, road regulations, traffic and road signs, and more.

Simple Process

We offer the first 20 practice tests free of charge for all users. There is no need for registration or sign up and we do not put a limit on accessing these tests. If you want to practice more diverse topics and get added benefits, opt for premium.

Hit the Western Australian Roads in Four Easy Steps

What is Newfoundland and Labrador practice test?

WA Driving Test Practice for Rapid Results

Plenty of WA Driving Test Practice

We have dedicated practice tests available for various categories like bikes, cars, and trucks. Select your category and start practicing the mock tests to get comfortable with the real test. Our simulator tests are just like the official WA learner’s permit test, which are based on the driver’s handbook and cover all the necessary topics.

Clear your Learner’s Permit Test

The first step in the graduated driver’s licensing in Western Australia. Book an appointment with one of the Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) centre or regional Department of Transport (DoT). The test consists of 40 multiple-choice questions out of which 32 must be answered correctly.

Hazard Perception Test

While you are learning to drive, apply and take the hazard perception test. This is another computer-based test that assesses your ability to detect and deal with various traffic situations and road hazards.

Upgrade to a Professional Driver

If you are 17 and have already completed 50 hours of supervised driving practice, you are eligible to take the practical driving test. Pass this driving test to get your provisional driving licence which allows you to drive with fewer restrictions. After 2 years, you will be upgraded to a full driving licence.

Boost your Confidence and Get Ready to Pass the Learner’s Test WA

Real Like Mock Tests for Better Preparation

As per the Latest Handbook

It is known that the syllabus for the driver’s handbook changes occasionally. We strive to bring the latest and most accurate practice tests that are aligned with the updated syllabus.

Prepared by Experts

We have professional driving test supervisors and experts from the industry who prepare the practice tests in the most efficient and helpful manner.

Smart Preparation Free of Charge

The first 20 practice tests are free for all users. None of our tests cost you money except for the few premium tests that you can subscribe to if you wish to unlock more benefits.

All Categories Included

We have tests for everyone with bikes, cars, trucks, and other similar vehicles. All our practice tests are designed according to the vehicle type.

Enhance your Theory Test WA Preparation with Guidance

Test your Knowledge and Sharpen your Skills

Check your Progress

By trying our tests regularly, you can review your performance and evaluate your progress to decide if they work for you.

Retake the Hard Questions

We do not restrict the number of times you can access each test. So, identify your areas of improvement and practice your toughest questions until you are confident and error-free in the tests.

Rectify your Mistakes

Identify your weaknesses and difficult topics and work harder to improve. Take as many practice tests as you want until all your answers are flawless.

Improve your Performance

All our practice tests will show guaranteed results in improving your performance. You can check your growth by accessing a personalized dashboard after registration.

Pass on your First Try with our Premium Practice Tests

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Effective Results

The premium tests ensure that you get the best preparation for the official driver’s knowledge test so that you pass on your first try effortlessly.

Unlimited Test Attempts

There is no set limit for the number of times you can attempt the tests. Gain as much knowledge and confidence as you wish by practicing our mock tests multiple times.

Premium for Better Features

With our premium tests, you will get access to more than 1600 test questions, topic-wise flashcards for better learning, ad-free tests, and more.

Cost-Effective Study

We have two premium plans available to choose from a 30-day plan for $15 and a 90-day plan for $30. Pick the suitable one for you and start preparing for the test.

About Western Australia Graduated Driver Licensing

Study Driver’s Handbook

If you are a novice at driving and want to get your first driver’s licence, then you must follow the graduated driver training and licensing (GDT&L) system. To begin with, apply for the learner’s permit test by paying $21.20 and start studying for the test by downloading either Drive Safe or Ride Safe handbook from the official website.

Practice means a lot

Besides reading the official manual, practice learners test WA to your satisfaction and gain hands on experience. Note that the test must be taken before 3:45 p.m. at any of the driving test centers. If you fail the test, you can retake the test by paying $18.20.

Efforts Rewarded

Attempt the hazard perception test followed by a practical driving test to get a provisional driving licence. You must complete 50 hours of supervised driving (including 5 hours at night) and should be 17 years old for a provisional driving licence. Upon completion of a 2-year provisional period, you will be successfully promoted to a permanent driver’s licence.

Learners Test WA Passing Score

The Western Australia learner’s permit test consists of 40 multiple-choice questions related to road rules and safe driving. To pass, 32 out of 40 must be answered correctly.

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