ACT Learners practice test

One of the best places to visit in Australia, because they in-built with many universal award-winning restaurants, parks, public areas and a lot more. The capital territory is not which you have known so far; it had developed so far in a rapid slit time.

There are many attracting places to visit in the entire 140 yards of the complete ACT. I know what you are thinking about! wanted to drive to see those beauties? Of course, you can, but you are two steps behind to say allow.
You are not supposed to drive till you pass in Learner’s license test in the ACT; you must follow few necessities as permissions to travel by driving. Learn, practice, give a test and collect your license to operate.

Conditions to follow during the Driver knowledge test process
  1. The test papers not only meant for beginning learners but to everyone who wanted to drive in ACT according to the category you select.
  2. Feel it is the best platform & enjoy the unlimited pack till you go for the final test.
  3. Not too tough to crack the test but never neglect to work hard; all the provided precautions are to teach the principles of drives and reasons behind every fundamental provision.
  4. You must go with at least 15 years and nine months, i.e. three months less than to 16 years of age to apply ACT in Learner’s license.
  5. Other than Australia’s citizenship, you should also submit Australia Capital Territory’s native certificate. The reason behind specifying is, Australia derived with many states/Territories apart from ACT.
  6. If you are registering as a foreigner applicant, you must submit the soft copy of your passport, to optimize your date of birth and permanent nativity.
  7. Fill out the personal details that are compulsory (*) sign mentioned in the blanks, the information like applicant name, contact number & other numbers, email id, proves of any paid bill along with the residential address.
  8. Submit your registration process by paying the mentioned due ($52.40) at the service centre; you choose to apply for Learner’s license test for Australia Capital Territory.
  9. Enrol by giving your details to the Civic Driver License Service to take the test of Road Ready Course and Road Rules Knowledge test.
  10. Maintain an “L” display plate till you receive license card in the ACT.
  11. Always have a person who possesses an ACT driving license next to you.
  12. During your training session never raise to exceed speed limits at any cost.
Important Note!

To apply for Learner’s license test first, you need to pass and qualify in Road Ready Course and Road Rules Knowledge Test, ACT other than that you are not supposed to take Driver Knowledge test and learners license test directly.

Road Ready Course

You will give the best training under the road ready course based on driving, prepare notes otherwise memorize the training classes and practice with the sample model test papers that derive out from the latest topics each time.

Road Rules Knowledge Test!

No two tests are equal and same; the entire road rules knowledge test expected to depend on the syllabus like traffic rules, road signs, symbols, meaning of caution boards and hazard handling incidents.
We strictly provide according to the latest syllabus, trust on us the complete process of the mock test are free for you irrespective of attempts you perform. If you rejected or fail in test no problem, you could attempt till you got success, but you must wait for complete 24 hours, i.e. one day.

ACT – Learner’s License Test

If you are clear and qualified in road rules knowledge test, then collect test certificates to apply for learners license test along with the required documents and fee dues to the Civic Driver License Service in the ACT.

Frequently Asked Questions for Driver Knowledge Test- ACT

What is the eligible age to apply for Roads Ready Course in the ACT?

From 3 months before getting, 16 years is the starting age to register for driving license by visiting the Civic Driver License Service.

Is there any particular syllabus that followed by Road Ready course?

Well! Yes, there are compulsory topics that everyone must stay conscious about, they are:

  • Traffic rules
  • Road signs
  • Local, city and highway codes and their meanings
  • The essential knowledge of categories.
  • Symbols and meaning of caution boards
  • Purpose of using different colours on the roads.

Why should I exact road rules knowledge test to attend Learner’s license test?

Every country, state will maintain their own rules and systems likewise to qualify in roads rules test is crucial to complete the Learner’s license test in the ACT.

Where shall I go to register my details to collect driving license in the Driver Knowledge Test?

Go to the official page of Civic Driver License Service to enrol your details in eth Australia Capital Territory.

I wanted to retire from driving is there any procedure to do!

No, there is no procedure to breakdown your license card; it will expire automatically after a given time.

My doctor suggested me to stop driving due to the low vision that is generating recently, but I have no other option can I go?

Do not risk; you will find away. Don’t put your life and others in danger by creating your independence. You can earn money on some other day, but life comes only once, ever neglect it.

Raising my car engine is right in the current season!

Partially okay, due to the heavy cool in climate the car engine becomes dry, to restore the engine oil raise the clutch to let the fuel spread over the engine to kick back to normal condition.

What is the best way to practice for road rules knowledge test and Learner’s license test?

Do follow the roads ready course note down every point and test your knowledge by practising the relevant sample test papers; there is no time limit and dead ends to practice.
We available for you at any time with best Driver knowledge test mock tests, with an assurance of free mock tests, mock tests. We inserted with an unlimited package of information and providing an open platform to use & collect learners license. Good luck.