There are around 15 silly mistakes that need to be avoided:  Rolling stopping.  Improper lane changing.  Steering control.  Distracted driving.  Driving too slowly.  Or too fast.  Not checking mirrors are some of the mistakes to be avoided.

The vehicle on the road test will test your knowledge on reversing, parallel parking and u-turns. It takes around 45 minutes.

The essential six points in the driving test is looking over your left shoulder into the left-side blind spot. Check the left door mirror and look out of the front windscreen. Check the rearview mirror.

There is no limit to taking tests. You can take the test number of times until you pass the test. The gap between each test should be around ten working days.

You can book the test online also.

77% On road signs, signals and markings. 75% on control of the vehicle. Scoring this knowledge is enough to pass the exam.

The DKT consists of 45 questions with three options to choose one correct from. The 45 questions are randomly picked.

Yes, the practice test is the same as the real-time test.

It costs around $49 for each attempt.

People can be eligible for their Learner License at 16, passing a driver's knowledge test. In the issued logbook, learners under 25 must hold for at least one year and have a total 100hrs driving experience on-road.

Driving Knowledge Test Certificates are valid for two years.

Drivers knowledge test appointments as booked and, keeping to three clear working days notice, can be changed and cancelled online or by telephone.

In 2020, the average pass rate for both genders was 54%. Males are 43% likely to pass their DKT, whereas females are more likely to fail, with a pass rate of only 40%.

You can book your driving test using the DVSA fast-track phone service.

Prepare for the test by studying the Road User Handbook and taking a mock trial.

• Practice test gives you room to correct your mistakes. • It helps you to identify Knowledge gaps. • Be a Better Driver.

If you fail three or more times, you must wait 29 days between tests.

You must be at least 15 years and nine months old to apply for your learner license.

Any motor vehicle is a combination of motor vehicles that is not a motorcycle, motor tricycle, or motor quadricycle and whose "Tare," "Gross Vehicle Mass," or "Gross Combination Mass" does not exceed 3500 pounds may be driven by the owner of a code 3 learner's permit.

 Never drink and drive.  Always wear a seat belt.  Never break red signals.

A learner's license test is intended to assess your knowledge and experience with the numerous traffic signals, road signs, and vehicle controls you will be operating, whether a motorcycle, automobile, or oversized vehicle.

Most people fail because they think the DKT test is simple. Without preparation, they will go and write their test, so they feel the DKT test is hard.

 Study the handbook  Practice more DKT Test  Study available question banks

It's not a good thing if you won't be able to show up for your driving license exam at the RTO. Unfortunately, you will need to schedule another appointment for the driving test. After failing the test, there are almost no other means to obtain a driving license.

You can be eligible to take the DKT test for free if you are required to operate a class LR, MR, HR or HCX vehicle.

To take the test, you have to be 16 years of age or older.

If you are taking a theory test for a car or motorcycle license, you must correct at least 32 questions right to pass.