There are around 15 silly mistakes that need to be avoided: • Rolling stopping. • Improper lane changing. • Steering control. • Distracted driving. • Driving too slowly. • Or too fast. • Not checking mirrors are some of the mistakes to be avoided.

The vehicle on the road test will test your knowledge on reversing, parallel parking and U-turns. It takes around 45 minutes.

The essential six points in the driving test is looking over your left shoulder into the left-side blind spot. Check the left door mirror and look out of the front windscreen. Check the rearview mirror.

There is no limit to taking tests. You can take the test number of times until you pass the test. The gap between each test should be around ten working days.

You can book the test online also.

77% On road signs, signals and markings. 75% on control of the vehicle. Scoring this knowledge is enough to pass the exam.

The DKT consists of 45 questions with three options to choose one correct from. The 45 questions are randomly picked.

Yes, the practice test is the same as the real-time test.

It costs around $49 for each attempt.

It would be best if you scored around 91% to pass the test.

A driver knowledge test is the first step; as a survey, around 30% of them fail the DKT test.

There is no time limit to take as long as possible. Read the question clearly before you answer.

It depends on your ability. You can re-sit for the exam on the same day, or you can book to sit it on another day. You need to pay a test fee for each attempt.