NSW DKT Practice Test

Are you getting ready for participating in leaner’s Driving test in New South Wales? Our platform – Driver knowledge Test provide every guide you want in stepping forward from applying to the final Test, makes you collect with-in short time by devoting the aggressive Practice.
Actually why you should learn to drive a car or any other vehicle! The best answer from 99% of you will reply, saying you wanted to create your own space by maintaining life independently. Yes, that is precisely we design you in our entire learning process.
Near to NSW, there are many beautiful places to explore by car, out of experience telling, you will rock it dearly the uniqueness derives by the things you study and the way to resolve it.

Our guidance in your process to complete the NEW Driver Knowledge Test

Here we are going to touch every point in a sequence order; this is the exact procedure you should follow to reach the final step without any distractions.
Fresh Application!

Learner’s Test for New South Wales

Are you new to apply for DKT in New South Wales state, Australia? Then follow the below points to register details to attend Learner’s license test.

  • Visit any nearer NSW driver service which combines Roads and maritime centre to apply.
  • Collect the new application form; start filling the details by providing the best answers.
  • Fill your name, contact details, residential address, and two colour passport size photos.
  • The documents like citizenship proof, native photo identity of NSW.
  • If you are applying as a Non- country-based, then submit your passport. Note Visa is not allowed because it expires for every two years; hence you cannot submit Visa a proof.
  • Now, submit the application form by paying the mentioned fee at the service point.

Wanted to change the information held in DKT license in NSW?

A straightforward procedure to follow:

  • Collect the application for updating the details on the top of it.
  • Fill the Learner’s license details and mentions your changes by submitting them with best proves.
  • You are allowed to change any information that you provide, but you need to paly fee since you are applying for the license indirectly.
  • Go to any nearest NSW driver service centre to complete your process.

Migrating from other States or Territories to NSW!

In Australia, we have almost eight states/territories, maintaining their own rules and styles in conducting the DKT tests and permitting to drive. Hence, if you are planning to migrate to NSW or already moved you supposed to apply for relocating your license address with NSW state.
By going to the NSW driver service centre, you are allowed to change your license to the present state. Remember to carry the documents to submit as proves, the soft copies of past and current residential address, photos, contact number and mail id to inform you the future information by directly contacting.

I wanted to renewal my Learner’s license through DKT in New South Wales. What shall I Do?

Before going further wanted to clarify one thing, the driving service management will send you a notice six months in advance about your license expiry. So, do not rush in end hours, since you have plenty of time plans accordingly.
You know need to do anything go to the driver servicing centre collect the renewal application fill the details that displayed on the current license and modifications are also allowed according to your choice.
They will conduct an eyes test; if the result is right, you will receive a license through post after 14 days.

The test procedure for Learner’s license in NSW

You must attend and clear both Driver Knowledge test and Hazard Perception test.

Driver Knowledge Test

You are supposed to answer at least 41 questions out of 45, take your time to think and mark the right option because nowhere mentioned about the time by the NSW driver service centre.
Expected to cover the mentioned syllabus in the Test:

  • Basic rules
  • Speed limits
  • Caution board meanings
  • Reasons for highlighted notifications
  • Road signs
  • Traffic rules
  • Road mark symbols
Hazard Perception Test

This Test will conduct on screening, before start your Test; you can go for a sample test and take the help from the volunteer if you stick anywhere. You should answer all 15 questions asked in the perception test; you will give with two samples to solve before actual Test begin.

Same like 1st Test you may expect the question basis on below syllabus:

  • Travelling too close behind to other vehicles.
  • Harsh driving beyond the rules.
  • Not looking for an excellent place to move forward while driving.
  • Overtaking the vehicle between two vehicles in a very tiny place.

Have you failed in the Test? Don’t worry!

If you fail in qualifying in the Learner’s Test, you can rebook your test slot anytime, because the validity of receiving the license after applying from it is one ear or two full 12 months from the day you enrol to it.
The Driver service centre is available with N number of attempts till you qualify in it to receive Learner’s license in NSW.

Are you qualified in DKT? Follow these tips for 12 months.

The Driver Knowledge test’s service centre is rigorous in noticing the mistakes you do, here are some tips you should move with for one year.

  • Maintain the letter “P” display on front and back mirror.
  • Drive the only car for a whole year.
  • Do not carry overweight in the car while you drive.
  • Do not carry more than one person along with you, especially avoid children who are 11 years below.
  • Avoid travelling during nights between 11 pm to 7 am.
  • Never train the other person for one year.

Once the notice period finished, you can consult the service centre to remove it from your car. From then, there is no such restriction for your driving any more.

Frequently Asked Questions for Learner’s License Test for NSW

I wanted to learn driving do my age matters to do it?

Well, of course, your age matters a lot to learn driving, if you crossed 15 and 16 years running are above then you are allowed to apply, learn, receive a license and drive in the NSW roads.

Is there any particular platform to enrol my details in NSW DKT?

The state of New South Wales is available with the Driver service centre to consult for type query on the driving.

What is the best way to crack the final Test?

Practice, Practice and Practice, work out this in your daily life by spending some extra time on the mock Test we provide. The entire tests for free, you can prepare as many time you want, till you feel the confidence to face the final Test..

After registering for a license, when do I apply for the final Test?

You have a validity time for one year or 12 months, within this period you suppose to clear final Test. You can plan your schedule for attending the tests.
After one year still, you didn’t receive the license and then reapplied again to qualify in the Learner’s assignment.
I recommend you to have a trail once and then continue; I hope you feel satisfied with the procedure of the Test and worth of practising at Driver Knowledge test. Because we construct from the latest syllabus, prepare well and wish you a Good Luck.