NT Learners Practice Test

Though, the northern is a territory but due to its magical beauty sometimes it treated as the heart of Australia. If you travel by car it looks more awesome than knowing like this. Then plan to go on a vacation trip and have fun. Hold on! By the way do you have learner’s license test? If you have then once known the driving rules by choosing the sample mock test completely free you.
If you completed & qualified in the driving knowledge test then wait collect and start to the tour by holding the license in your car, no one can stop you from going to see the beauty in northern territory.
In case if you are in still planning level? Yes, this is the correct time for you to apply for the learner’s test because we providing you will entire information that relates you.
Start today do not postpone instead begin to practice from now with our ample of model tests that builds super confidence in you to move further and collect the license and going to the beautiful place of northern territory.

Basic Rules to follow to register your application in Northern Territory

  • You must cross 16 years of age to apply.
  • You must have a citizenship card for Northern territory, Australia.
  • To register visit the office of motor vehicle registry (mvr).
  • You must have the proper residential address along with the proves like bills of phone and electricity.
  • If you are from other state and transfer to northern? Wanted to apply for the replacement of address then you are allowed to apply by providing with essential requirements.
  • In case if you have an International Driving license then you are allowed to drive even in Australia but you must aware of the country rules.
  • To stay alert with this country’s rules and regulations, once go through the sample mock tests & Road signs.
  • You need to book slot to take the final exam with the help of motor vehicle registry (mvr) in northern territory.
  • On the scheduled time attend for the test 1 Driving knowledge test. If you got good score then you will promote to the test 2 Hazard Perception again if you score well, the final test is leaner’s qualification test.
  • Suppose you fail in any one of the above, for now you will reject. You are allowed to rebook slot after 15 days.
  • Along the registration application submission you should pay $22.00 & $20.00 for conducting test pay while you book slot.

Types of tests to clear in NA Driving knowledge test?

There are two types with different concepts:

Driving knowledge test

The pattern of this exam is to choose the appropriate answer form the given options; you will present with four different answers but with a slight difference. You no need to feel panic if you practice free Test because we maintain the syllabus up to date in Northern Territory.
You are supposed to answer at least 41 questions out of 45, take your time to think and mark the right option because nowhere mentioned about the time by the mvr driver department.
Allowed to continue with the Hazard Perception test if qualify from in provisional test 1.

Hazard Perception Test

It is nothing testing you whether you can find out the critical situation while you drive; the reason behind the Test is to make you learn how to stay alert and conscious when you move.
This Test will conduct on screening, before start your Test; you can go for a sample test and take the help of the counselor if you stick anywhere. You should answer at least 19 hazards out of 20.
Many of them lose their chance here so careful when you attend for the Test. If you passed in this step finally, you are eligible to go for Driver Qualifying Test.

Driver Qualifying Test

No need to worry since this is an oral test, reply to the asked questions accordingly. Here you will sanction with the pass certificate in the driving license, Northern Territories.
It will take 14 days to reach your mentioned address by post; the transport department work under background verification regarding your certificates, address and health issues.
If everything set proper and accurate, then you will receive the license card through the post. It is better to start drive after receiving the driving license.

Top Rated- Frequently Asked Questions

Is there are any age differences to apply for Driving knowledge test?

Yes! Not for making you stop from driving but from early age. You are allowed to drive after the 16 years of age. To drive in the territories like Northern you should hold license card every time.

I have an International Driving license! Do I need to apply again for learner’s license?

Not necessary, but you must aware of the unique rules that NA motor vehicle registry do follow in their territory. It sounds awesome if you practiced sample test through Driving knowledge test.

What is the use of regular practice with mock tests?

It gives you confidence and masters to give you test and collect license form the mvr office. Exercise till you become perfect in it.

What is the use of getting medical checkup for driving test?

It is a rule in the mvr driving organization, they are sanction you to fly on the roads, so that is their responsibilities to verify you completely in both practically and medically.
The driving department will give you permission only when you reach out to their expectations i.e. your skills should match their rules.

What happens if I miss use any rule against mvr driving department?

You will charge with severe penalty and suspension according to the blunder you done. Never go wrong with the rules and stuck in unwanted problems.

If I forgot my license card in valet, how should I convince to the checking department that I have passed in the driving knowledge test!

Maximum with no excuses try to maintain the driving license in the car to avoid such incidents. The other way is have a saved email document in your mobile or laptop so that you can show to the checking officers.
Hope you acknowledge with the best information, I suggest you to go through the states/territories in Australia that we provide in Driving knowledge test. You can also take free mock test to be a master in driving rules, Good luck.