QLD Learners Practice Test

Craving to drive on Australia roads and explore everything from close, especially in the country of Australia makes easy travel if you go by your drive with the car. To do that first you need to pass in driver knowledge test, for you, we make it simpler.

You can collect it through this page if you follow correctly till the end; of course, it’s not an easy task to clear and qualifying in Learner’s license test because it contains a lot of stuff and hard work to receive.

To pass QLD’s Driver knowledge Test and Hazard Perception test, you need to practice more with mock sample tests. We are presenting you with the latest version based questions collected from the transport department or driving agency.

We assure you in providing the complete information according to Learner’sLearner’s test in QLD, focus on practising more to reach up to the mark before addressing in the driving test.

Based on the deep search, we found the below are the most frequently asked question by all who are ready to take the test and license holders to get clarity about some doubts. Let Set Go

Frequently Asked Questions on QLD’s Driver Knowledge Test.

Why the rule generated that one should apply for a license in their respective states/ territories?

An excellent clarification everyone must know before applying for the license in the country Australia. A vast population number of states so maintain a single department for all the states/ territories becomes difficulty to management as well as to the people.

To avoid that, the official travelling agency decided to segregate as per States/ territories wise.

What is the actual process of QLD’s Driving test?

Below is the step-wise procedure for QLD’s Driver learner’s test:

  • Apply for the Driver Knowledge test through the official web site of QLD’s transport department.
  • Submit all the details and documents with the application form.
  • You are allowed to select applying methods, either online or offline.
  • If your option is online, then go to the www.qld.gov.au
  • Otherwise, you can visit directly to the office and apply for the driving application.
  • Practice more; the test expects you to stay aware of anything that related to driving and the rules that follow by the QLD rules.
  • I suggest you learn the genuine information that we provide; please do visit our sample model tests and practice.
  • Book your slot to take the final exam after several practices again in the official web site of QLD’s driving test.
  • Attend the test on the fixed date clear it.
  • After or within 14 days receive the Learner’sLearner’s license and craving the beautiful locations by self –drive.

Once I rejected from the test, is there are any second chances?

Yes, but after 15 days you’re allowed to book slot again to take the test. You can book immediately, but if you dig into the ground, you will discover the reason for giving that much gap.

You are not up to the mark still so; the travelling department wants you to put some extra efforts in practising to improve your efforts to collect driver’s license card.

How many tests do I need to qualify to get Driver learner’s test?

There are two different tests and you to pass in both to receive license card in Queensland Drive.

  • Driver Knowledge Test
  • Hazard Perception

What is the eligible age to apply for a Drivers license in QLD’s?

You are permitted to apply for a license once you crossed 17 years, note no rules regarding you’re driving termination, until unless your health conditions are weak no one can stop you from going.

There is no age limit for driving, though you are retired and still wanted to stay independent life you are allowed to do by submitting your health reports yearly whenever you go for license renewal.

The documents I need to submit with the application form?

Below are the documents you must comply with the application:

  • Date of birth proof to verify your age
  • Passport reference to citizenship
  • The residential address that should within Queensland
  • The Medical reports looking after your health conditions

Step by step procedure for the Driver Knowledge Test and Hazard Perception test?

Driver Knowledge Test:
Book test slot and fix to the exam date, the below is the test conducting procedure:

    • You give with 45 multiple questions and suppose to answer 41 questions correct out of all.
    • Given four similar answers related to the questions, think and answer accordingly.
    • There is no time limit in it.
    • If you pass in test 1, then you will receive one unique number that supposed to submit at trial 2 to continue with difficulty 2.
    • In case you fail, don’t worry, you have an option of unlimited attempts so prepare well next time and book the slot and give your trials till you got the license.
    • The topics you consider to this test:

1. Road basic rules
2. Symbols meaning
3. Traffic rules
4. Local, city and highway signs
5. Points to consider during driving

Hazard Perception Test:
Here in this test, it would help if you concentrated and must ready to observe the hazards and respond accordingly:

  1. Vehicles are travelling the other car much close.
  2. Do not notice on the things happening a far away from you, go on your way.
  3. Driving too fast by crossing the limits.
  4. Practising to cut the vehicle in small gaps or in between the cars.
  • In this test, you will give with 20 Hazard clips, and you need to answer correctly at least 19 out of total.
  • If you declare as pass, then you will give with one code where you should handover at the Driver qualifying test.
  • If you fail in this round again, you need to pass test 1 to participate in test 2.

Practice thoroughly before 15 days of your exam in our free mock test samples that we provide for all categories motorbike, car and truck & heavy lanes.

I wanted to take one of my family members in my practical test!

Yes, you are allowed to take anyone along with the test conductor.
Hope you got worth information to apply for the Driver Knowledge Test in the Queensland, click on the below tests and continue to learn with the same spirit till you receive a driver license.