VicRoads Learners Practice Test

Craving to jump into the driving seat? Are you waiting for the best platform to teach you? Guide to collect Learners License in Australia! Thank God you tap on the perfect page where you clear out all queries subjected to Driving in the Victoria.

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Overview on the importance of conducting VicRoads driving test before issuing License!

A student should score good marks to promote the next level, or during Elections, one must get majority votes to declare as a supreme leader of the country. As same way before granting something, you supposed to be an eligible candidate.

How can you feel that you are eligible to receive the Learner License Test? Can you not describe yourself? You need a platform to educate or to participate in training, Do’s and Don’ts! Tips to crack at the first attempt and unlimited mock tests for practice.

Transporting is a very specular department, especially in Victoria. They are strict about following fined rules irrespective of persons and the category you belong.
There is a command in Victoria everyone must follow; i.e. you are not supposed to drive until you qualify in Learners license test. Otherwise, you will charge with the penalty and profound background checking based on whether you have a country passport and address identity proof.

Are you planning to register in Victoria Transport Department to receive a Learners License?

There are three reasons for you to log on to the official portal of Victoria:

  • New Application
  • Changing the Details
  • Renewal

Almost the same procedure with slight differences, choose the option according to your need, let’s see in terms of stages.
Stage 1

Wanted to apply as a new application for the VicRoads driving test!

Follow with care since you are going to apply in Victoria as a fresh candidate.

  • Visit the official online portal to the Victoria Transport department, or you can directly consult the respected office.
  • Tap on the new driver application.
  • Fill all the required details like Contact Details, Name, Date of Birth and permanent address.
  • You suppose to attach age proof; residential, passport and other required documents along with the application form.
  • The attached documents are allowed only in the scanned format if you choose to apply through online. Otherwise submit the soft copies along with the application at the time of submission.
  • Note: As you are applying in the Victoria, you are residential address expected to belong to the same.
  • The copy of a medical certificate that states your health reports.
  • You can expect to receive the applied learner license card after three weeks from eth day you qualify in the final Driver Qualifier test.
  • The reason to consume is the transport office will conduct a verification process on the details you provided with the application form.

Stage 2

Wanted to change the details in Learners License card?

Smooth process than a new application, you can also use the same procedure under conditions like lost? Was it misplaced or Stolen? Follow the below information.

  • Select the application form according to the category you want.
  • Fill the required information, since you are a registered candidate in addition to your necessary information you need to fill your license number and vehicle details.
  • You must choose or state the valid reason for your re-application form for the license card.
  • Range your expectations to collect in 14 days from the day of applying.

Stage 3

Myth – License is Permanent, Truth- should Renewal Periodically

In Victoria you can renew the driving License after every one year, three years or five years as per your choice remember there is no option to renew License after ten years. Many will confuse between the UK, and Australia rules don’t combine two countries, every country builds its procedure.

Follow below points to renew your Driving License in Victoria:

  • Collect the application form for renewing your license card.
  • Fill your license details like license number, date of expiry and your address.
  • At this time if you wanted to change any details regarding like contact number or residence address provide the soft copies of respective documents along with the application form.
  • It is best if you apply to form the Renewal of License before six months of the current expiry.
  • Whenever you apply for license renewal, you must submit the recent medical reports as a proof to sanction License after the verification process.
  • It is like a continuous task till you stop driving the vehicle in the Victoria.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

I heard there is a different process in registration according to the purpose

Yes, what you heard is correct; there are three main methods to register:

  • New Application
  • Application for modifications or change details
  • Renewal process

What is the VicRoads driving test procedure?

The first level test in the process to collect driving license; you will have 45 choose the appropriate answer from the given options. No time limit and you must score 41 out of 45 to promote to the next test.

I am worried about how to pass the Hazard Perception Test?

There is a fundamental rule in conducting a Hazard test to check whether you have skills in observing the sudden accidents that occur during your drive.
There is no need to feel afraid, Hazard test because you have well trained till now and passed in the VicRoads driving test, so this is not that much matter to you to clear.
You will give with 20 hazards video clips you must pass at least 19 from out of 20; you have no option to ravine back. So, careful while you answer.

How many days do I need to wait to receive after qualifying in the learner’s license test?

You suppose to wait nearly 14 days to collect your license test because it takes time for background verification procedure.

Can I start drive after I qualify in learners test?

Yes, you can drive but driving with license card gives you confidence in times like checking especially in Victoria.

Can I apply again if I rejected in any one of the tests?

With a gap of 15 days, you can re-book your slot to attend for the driving exam. Those 15 days are for you to prepare well than before to give the test.
I suggest you attend for free mock VicRoads driving test samples derived from the latest updates from the Victoria; there are unlimited model tests where you can practice and increase your driving knowledge.